Hot & Room Temperature Water Dispenser! Out of stock within 3 days!

This water dispenser can helps you to save a lot of money.

This water dispenser is DIFFERENT with others which you have to pay for 5-7 years monthly installment.

It will be a huge amount once you done all the installment. Why must be so pricey for a water dispenser?

The water dispenser will become old and shabby when the installment is over!

Would you like to own a water dispenser with 4 MONTHS FREE SERVICE and WITHOUT MONTHLY INSTALLMENT?

Here is the WATER DISPENSER for you to enjoy the same level of service as other big companies!

The benefits and services of this water dispenser:

  •  100% Korean Made High Quality Filter Cartridge
  • FREE 4 months Replacement and Disinfection of Internal Water Filter
  • Large Water Storage Tank

Hot tank : 1.8 liter
Warm tank : Continuos
Dimension : (W)300mm x (D)360mm x (H)530mm

One-Time Purchase 

No Installment 

No Hidden Charges

“ The data shows that more than 60% of customers that bought the water dispenser with cold water but WITHOUT USING THE COLD WATER.”

The cold water is not using but you switch on the electricity for 24 hours and need to pay the bill for every month?

Video Explanaiton 

Hi, We are Filter Station that established in 2002, and we has been engaged in the water purifier industry for more than 20 years.

So we have seen a lot of customers and know what is the needs of each customers and what is the problems they confronted.

Many reasons of customers regretting after purchased the water dispenser:

1. Maintenance costs are too EXPENSIVE. (RM500 to RM700 per year)

2. They felt its not worthy to stop the installment that they already paid for 5 - 7 years, and not even worth to continue to pay the installment ( because the amount is around RM5K - 6K above after they finish the installment).

3. They found that there are no different between branded and without branded.

4. Some of them didn't use cold water after they bought a water dispenser with cold water, and they were wasting the payment of electricity.

The Experience Talks Of Mega Bio In This Market:

In the past ten years, the most encountered customers are:

Customer A "I was using the famous branded Korean water dispenser, but I haven't change the filter for a long time, and they asked me to sign a package about RM600+! "

"Although its every 2 or 4 months to come service once, but still I have to spend a lot of money within one year.’’

(Over 80% customers said the same words)

Customers B "We don't drink cold water, but still need to switch on the electricity for the cold water and also feeling wasted the money, plus its not hygiene for the cold water to accumulate for such a long time."

" If I only turn on the hot water, then what's for I bought this pricey Hot & Cold water dispenser?"

" Its better to buy a Hot & Room temperature water dispenser, because the price is CHEAPER.”

(Over 40% customers said the same words)

What can this water dispenser helps you?

FREE 4 MONTHS door-to-door Replacement and Disinfection of Internal Water Filter ( For one year)

Do you know what's the technician suppose to do whenever they come to replace the filter in your house?

We will help our customers to maintain the quality of the water hygiene every 4 months.

We will help you to replace the filter and also disinfection the water dispenser through a steam sterilization, including: hot water tank, warm water tank and the two hot & warm pipes.

Its useless If the technician just come and help you to replace the filter without washing the waster tank.

Just clean it with water? No! It need to be sterilized!

This will ensure you that the water you drink is definitely clean and healthy!

Our technicians will be carry the high pressure steamer to your house.

Firstly, we will pour in the clean water, then they will switch on the power, to wait until the machine heated up to a certain high temperature.

The clean water that was poured in before will evaporate into steam. Afterward, they use high-pressure to spray it and make it sterilization and cleaning! (See video below)

We are using stainless steel water tank

Who is suitable to buy this water dispenser?

  • You don't drink cold water, because this is a water dispenser with both heat and room temperature only.
  • You want a water dispenser that is hygienic and regularly maintained.
  • You want a water dispenser with affordable price.
  •  Your installation location is at Kelantan (except Gua Musang) and Terengganu‘s Jerteh.

Who is NOT suitable to buy this water dispenser?

  • You need cold water, because there is no cold water in this water dispenser.
  • You care about the brand and think that ordinary brands are not good quality.
  • You want a branded and expensive water dispenser.
  • Your installation location is NOT at Kelantan and Terengganu‘s Jerteh.


1) What is the filter using? Is it safe? Is it clean?

This water dispenser use 4 Korean Made High Quality Filter Cartridge (100% Made In Korea), to ensure the filtered water is safe to drink.

Details of the filter's element and functions are below:

1. Sediment Filter(4 months)

It can effectively filter particles, mud, rust and dust from the water. It also ensures that the subsequent filter elements do not block so quickly and increase their usage life.

2. Pre Carbon Filter(8 months

The main function of the pre-activated carbon is to remove chlorine, deodorant and some harmful pesticides or chemical components in the water.

3. UF Membrane Filter(12 months

The core of the filter is one of the most important filter elements. The 0.01 micron hollow fiber membrane is used to effectively remove tiny particles, bacteria and viruses from the water while retaining beneficial minerals in the water. The filtered water is safe to drink.

4. SILVER Carbon Filter(12 months

Silver activated carbon is the second most important filter element. Silver can kill 99.99% of the bacteria in the water, and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria (many water purifiers on the market are not using it), the water that can be safely used to pass through this last filter, so that no need to worry about the bacterial growth, and also improve the taste of the drinking water.

2) Any certification?

SIRIM Test Report

“A sample of Mega Bio Korea UF Filtering System has been tested by SIRIM QAS Inti. Test Report No: 2020CE1177 dated 10th September 2020 based on requirement under Malaysian Food Act 1983 for Drinking Water by using i) Standard method for the Examination of Water and Wastewater 2005, 21st Edition Jointly Published by APHA, AWWA and WEF, ii) ln-house 002 based on PERKIN ELMER, Atomic Absorption Manual"

Korea Halal Certificate

3) What's the free filter will be replace for every 4 months? How long does it last?

We will come to your house service every 4 months, total 3 times in one year.

Details of our services as below:

For example: You bought and installed the water dispenser on 1-1-2021


Replace Sediment Filter + Cleaning and Disinfecting Water Tank


Replace Sediment Filter + Pre Carbon Filter + Cleaning and Disinfecting Water Tank


Replace Sediment Filter + UF Membrane Filter + SILVER Carbon Filter + Cleaning and Disinfecting Water Tank

Total replace 6 filters within one year!

4) What should I do after one year? How much is it? Is it expensive?
If you are satisfied with our service (4 months once) after one year, then you can sign this package again with us.

The price of this package for 4 months once service is RM380.

Its much more CHEAPER than other big companies (RM500-700 package)!

5) Don't want to continue the service package after one year?
Sure! One year later, no matter how long you choose to change the filter is up to you!  As long as you dare to drink the water without any maintain and disinfection!

6) Is the price including for installation?
The RM988 includes installation fees, as long as

Your installation location is at Kelantan (except Gua Musang) and Terengganu‘s Jerteh.

7)  Are you reliable? What if I cant find you?
Our store as below:

Filter Station

Lot 3121 No 1080 B & C, Jalan Hospital,

15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Office hours:

Mon – Sun: 930am - 630pm

Friday: Closed

Phone Number: 


Many customers come to our store told us:

" I trust you because you has been in this water industry for so long and professional, I don’t have confidence with other water purifier stores."

(This is our sense of accomplishment )

If all of the statement as above still can't gain your confidence toward us, I will be sure that there's no more water purifier stores in Malaysia can be able to satisfy your wish.

MegaBio Hot & Warm Water Dispenser

Hot tank : 1.8 liter
Warm tank : Continuos
Dimension : (W)300mm x (D)360mm x (H)530mm

- FREE 4 months replacement and disinfection of internal water filter
- Novel design
- Extra large water tank

One-Time Purchase, No Installment, No Hidden Charges



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